Developing Zombie Wave Survival in 1 Week

For the past week, I’ve been working on a small project. I’ve been wanting to learn how to do multiplayer in unreal engine, but every time I tried to learn it I’d get stuck on the fact that there is a lack of good examples. Well, the wonderful Tom Looman released an example project for a third person zombie survival game a little while back, so I decided to try using it as a reference to create a simple game.

Zom NineRooms Editor 1

My game is a first person wave survival game with full coop multiplayer support, along with a simple lobby system. The code is heavily based on Tom Looman’s, however it has been adapted for a first person project and I avoided using his weapon system in favor of something that would allow me a bit more control from blueprints.

Zom In-Game NineRooms 1

Maps define a list of waves, with each wave containing a list of what can spawn and how many. The game then chooses random spawns for each enemy, and throws them at the player. There’s a money system which allows you to buy ammo, health, and unlock new areas, and there’s a scoreboard which shows your stats compared to your friends.

Zom In-Game NineRooms 2

Zom In-Game NineRooms 3

I’m not completely sure what I’ll be doing with this project, or how much further I’ll be going. I’ll likely post a video of it when I’ve gotten some more done.

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