A game engine with Lua & C++

For a while now I’ve been working on writing a new game engine in C++. It has been a long process, and I’ve restarted it a number of times with each successive time getting closer and closer to a usable engine. Getting caught in a loop of writing and rewriting a project sucks, so I’m forcing […]

More Complex Dungeon Generation

Oops! The links to code in this post are dead, I’ll see about getting them back up when I have time. The rest of the post is fine though 🙂 Note that each image in this post is from a separate run of the generator. The code written and released with this article is under the […]

A new version of hvzsite

This week a new version of https://hvz.rit.edu/ went live. I’ve been running RIT’s Humans vs Zombies website since the Fall of 2014, and this is the second major upgrade to the website that I’ve made. A humans vs zombies website isn’t just there to market the game; it actually plays a part in the game […]