HFOSS: What Is Open Source and How Does It Work?

For HFOSS, I had to read a chapter (3) of Steve Weber’s The Success of Open Source. It gives a nice shortened history of the creation of Linux as an anecdote for how open source software projects grow. The chapter talks about how OSS projects are structured, the upsides and downsides of letting a community govern a […]

Playing with compilers

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a rewrite of Shogun. It is still a stack machine, but now includes two registers, a sane assembler, a mostly complete set of opcodes, and now even a language that compiles to it! Shogun Shogun has been rewritten in its entirety, though it does use snippets […]


I could be horribly late to the party, but I was just shown this awesome service, graphdat: Graphdat is a service which allows you to easily make a dashboard for graphing different things on a server. Here, I have a dashboard for redxdev.com’s CPU usage, memory usage, disk IO, network IO, application info, nginx connections, […]