Here is a list of projects I have worked on (not in any specific order).

Wake Engine

A small work-in-progress game engine written in C++ with Lua scripting.



A single-header C++ library that provides a simple entity-component-system framework. It supports any type as a component, an event system, and is under 1k LOC.



A simple scripting language focused on image manipulation.



PlayPen is a server management framework designed to handle balancing ephemeral services across a series of physical machines.



xtlbot is a twitch moderation/chatbot written in Lua.



Haunt is an in-development procedurally generated horror game which focuses on exploring a procedurally generated house while avoiding whatever it is that is stalking you.


Steering Behaviors

A short tutorial site and framework for implementing steering behaviors in Unity. Done as an independent study at the Rochester Institute of Technology.



A simple CPU-bound raytracer written in C#, written as a learning experience. It is a CPU-bound raytracer with support for multithreading, anti-aliasing, and it comes with a custom scene definition file format.


Humans vs Zombies @ RIT

The website used for the Fall 2014 through Spring 2016 weeklong games of Humans vs Zombies @ RIT. The gist of the game is that there is a team of humans and a team of zombies. Humans have nerf blasters and may “stun” zombies for a period of time by shooting them. Zombies may tag humans to kill them and convert them over to being zombies. The weeklong game has over 850 people participating, and uses a complex website to keep track of missions, tags, and players.

The original site was written in PHP using the Symfony framework. It supported per-team missions, id tags for players, achievements (badges), and a heatmap of infections.

The newest version of the site is written for NodeJS using Sails and Ember. It has all the features of the previous website, but adds per-team polls, a simple blog and announcement system, and a streamlined registration process.


Dive Engine

Dive Engine is a 2d game engine written in C#. It is based on a simplified version of the entity-component-system model. I created it as a learning experience, and continue to develop it.

It uses SFML.Net for graphics/audio/input, Log4net for logging, Farseer for physics, and ini-parser for configuration.


Shogun VM

Shogun is a small virtual machine and assembly language I created to play around with the concept of virtual machines. Recently it underwent a full rewrite, which fixed up a large part of the codebase and added a small (work in progress) language that compiles to the assembly used by Shogun.


The Chunk Network

Multiple games and backend systems were created by me during my time with The Chunk, a minecraft server network.


The primary game framework used at The Chunk, originally created by me. It includes map loading utilities, a game state system, gamemodes, map voting, and many other misc utilities.


BlockWars is a gamemode originally created by me for The Chunk. It involves building a fort to protect an objective (what kind of objective depends on the gamemode) and then attempting to get to the other team’s objective.


DoubleTrouble is a gamemode originally created by me for The Chunk. You partner up with another player, such that one player is the “legs” (bottom) and the other is the body and arms (top). The bottom player can run around and has movement-based abilities, while the top player is dragged along and can fight with combat-based abilities.


MinerWare is a gamemode originally created for my private use but was later moved over to The Chunk. It is based on the games tf2ware and garryware, which themselves are based on Nintendo’s WarioWare.

Other Projects

You can find my other open-source projects on my Bitbucket page or on my Github page.