My relationship with Minecraft

Over the past few months, I’ve just seen everything to do with Minecraft slowly become shittier and shittier. First the whole EULA drama: I don’t care to take a side in this post, but at the very least it showed that Mojang seriously needs to reign in their developers. Specifically one who I won’t mention here, who in a public chat said some nasty things about server owners. Justified or not, employees should not be making public statements about their company.

Then came Mineorama. This one certainly wasn’t Mojang’s fault, but it is just one of a plague of similar events that has happened in the past few years and it certainly doesn’t help the community at all.

Now we have the Bukkit drama. First Mojang comes out as the secret owner of Bukkit, which is highly unethical. Developers were freely giving contributions to an open source project that was assumed to be under independent ownership. Then we have the DMCA takedowns due to a former Bukkit developer claiming that the license to his code was invalidated by the fact that Mojang allowed their closed source code to be distributed with his GPL’d code. The scary thing is, I actually sort of agree with what he did. I’d certainly feel pretty damn betrayed if I suddenly found out that a company secretly owned a project I’d dedicated a part of my life to. I’m not saying what he did is right, but I certainly don’t blame him.

All in all, Minecraft has not had a good year. Not even close. Now that I’ve made that point, I get to talk about me: I’ve had enough. Enough of the drama, enough of the bullshit from a company that has way too much money and doesn’t now how to manage itself. I’ve made quite a few friends, and I’ve had a lot of fun creating games that many people have played. At some point, however, I just have to say enough. I don’t want to be a part of this community any more. I’ve had my fun, but I have enough to deal with in my personal life without having to sift through a pile of shit drama every day.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaving Minecraft right away, in fact I will likely stay at my position at The Chunk for a few more months. I still have quite a bit of unfinished business to complete, and I’m not about to completely leave everything I’ve created behind, but consider this a notice of my future intent.

Thank you everyone, it has been quite a ride.

-Sam “Red” Bloomberg

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