Level generator preview

Haunt – Unreal Editor Just a preview of what the level generator can do at this stage, with navmesh viewing turned on. Red outlines show where the generator tried to place a module but failed due to the module colliding with existing modules.

Haunt Devlog #3: UMG is pretty awesome!

I didn’t have much time to work on Haunt today, but I did get around to playing with Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) a bit. Color me impressed, it took me less than five minutes to add ui for flashlight power and some text to show when the player has picked up the exit key. I […]

Haunt Devlog #2: A quick gameplay video

Before I go into anything, I just figured out that you can use a game controller to move around in the unreal 4 editor. Interesting, not particularly useful for me, but still interesting. In my last post, I promised that a gameplay video would be posted soon, so here it is! I did a quick run through […]