The beginning of a devlog

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a concept in unreal engine 4. I’m not going to outright say everything about the concept just yet, but I will touch upon what I’ve been working on.

Note that this project is under heavy development. It is nowhere near complete, it uses a large amount of placeholder assets, and everything is subject to change.

The tentative name for the game is Haunt. It is a procedurally generated horror game which involves the player sneaking through a house in order to find an exit key while something chases them. Right now, there isn’t any procedural generation, as I’m trying to get all the gameplay done first to see if it is even fun.

Haunt indoor screenshot 1/2/2015

The game is primarily an exploration and stealth game, since you have no way to combat the thing that is following you. Exploration isn’t too big right now, primarily because the map is small, but in the future when maps are procedurally generated, it will play a bigger part.

Haunt indoor screenshot 2 1/2/2015

I’ll go into more detail about the game in later posts, and I might even have a short gameplay video soon! In the meantime, stay tuned.

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