HFOSS: First Flight

This semester, I am enrolled in a class that seems strangely situated at RIT: Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software which is set to be an introduction to the world of HFOSS. Now, I’m not unfamiliar with said world (I administer numerous linux systems, open source much of my work, and use quite a bit of OSS myself) but I figured it might be interesting to take the course. I say the course is strangely situated, as the class is offered through the department of Interactive Games and Media, rather than the CS or SE department like I’d expect.

This week’s work was short & sweet, as it is only the first week of classes. The assignment was to add a yaml file describing who I am and where my github/bitbucket/etc profiles are. The file was submitted via a github pull-request (I admit I was a bit lazy here; I didn’t clone the repository, I just used github’s built in editor). Only problem was the only example file to look at actually had the “forges” section (which lists profiles for sites like github) setup wrong, so I ended up having to go back and redo it. I actually haven’t used github’s pull request system too much myself (though I am fairly familiar with it) if only just because most of the projects I work on are personal projects and thus never make use of the system even if they exist on github.

That’s all for now!

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