HFOSS: Sugarizer

Originally this was supposed to be on doing the smoke test for the XO laptop, but due to a lack of working XOs, I had to try using Sugarizer to play around in the interface instead.

Sugarizer is a web-based version of the Sugar interface, which normally runs on the XO laptops. It’s… weird. Now, I haven’t really had much of an experience with the real Sugar interface, but Sugarizer has some problems. It’s not really Sugar. It’s a set of small web applications that look like they are part of the Sugar interface. Unfortunately, it’s kind of slow, not in that loading takes a long time but there are little to no animations so everything seems to take a while. Additionally, the usefulness of most of the apps is questionable at best; there is no way that Sugarizer has the same amount of content that normal Sugar does, and it doesn’t seem to support running the same apps (you’d have to rewrite them in javascript).

What does, however, make Sugarizer interesting is that you can run a server for it, which contains all of the applications, and then use a multitude of clients. There are clients for web (which is the one I’ve been playing with), Android, iOS, and Chrome Web Store (which is, effectively, web). I think this is an interesting option which would allow commodity hardware running other operating systems to gain the benefits of Sugar without needing XOs themselves (in case you need to run applications outside of the normal XO environment). My problem, however, still stands in that there doesn’t seem to be the application support that it needs to be as useful as Sugar itself (at that point, why not try using Sugar on a stick).

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