Wake Engine Update #1

I’ve been putting in some more work recently on Wake engine. Some of the new notable features are support for loading models, a custom model format optimized for the engine (plus tools to work with the format), keyboard/mouse input, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The engine has come a long way since last […]

A game engine with Lua & C++

For a while now I’ve been working on writing a new game engine in C++. It has been a long process, and I’ve restarted it a number of times with each successive time getting closer and closer to a usable engine. Getting caught in a loop of writing and rewriting a project sucks, so I’m forcing […]

Dive’s new scheduler

Just a few minutes ago, I committed some changes to Dive’s scheduler. No longer does the scheduler execute all expiring tasks willy-nilly; now it actually thinks! Now the scheduler can delay the execution of tasks if previous tasks took up too much of the game loop. The scheduler is fed the time of the next […]

Dive Scripting!

I have recently implemented a simple scripting system into Dive, which is similar to existing console command systems found in engines like UDK and Source, but has a few slightly more advanced features in it. Take this for example: Here I’m using Dive’s scripting system to set a variable “foo” to “Hello World!”. Simple enough, […]

A few minor Dive engine updates

Been neglecting this blog a bit, but oh well. I have a few minor updates to Dive, mainly dealing with a minor bugfix and a change in how certain debug functions work. First of all, the bugfix: I had assumed that Visual Studio defined RELEASE when building in release mode. Apparently this is not the […]