"Visual Horror": coming soon...

"Visual Horror": coming soon...

This will be a very short experimental game. I originally built it to prototype an idea for a "monster" in a horror game that would try to get you to look at it, as it would only attack if it was visible.

That turned into some puzzles that could be built on the same concept - in some ways similar to the opening segments of antichamber, but with more of a horror feel. I never planned on actually building this idea out, but ended up having a lot of fun coming up with a few short levels.

The game is basically done - it has a purposefully limited scope and makes use only of my very limited artistic ability. Now I mostly need to playtest and refine a few things, and deal with some performance issues.

In particular, the "vision" mechanic is dependent on receiving data back from the renderer to know whether certain objects are visible. This information is inherently always at least a frame behind the current tick due to how rendering works.

Which means I need as high a frame rate as possible... And unfortunately the "vision" mechanic is also the worst offender in terms of perf due to using a scene capture, causing an extra unnecessary render of the scene each frame.

So... Time to learn the ins and outs of unreal's renderer so I can move this work into an existing render pass.

Check it out on itch.io!

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